Paradigm Roofing

The Warranty Game

The Workmanship Warranty Game The basic idea of a workmanship warranty is that if a roof leaks right after it is put on, the contractor is responsible to get it right. If it is put on right, the manufacturer is then responsible to see that the material doesn't fail. If your roof starts leaking after a couple of years, you will probably be told "If it hasn't leaked until now it isn't a workmanship issue" In English that means "We can fix it, but we will have to charge you for it."

The "it worked when I finished it, don't blame me" mentality is an integral part of the contracting industry, so when you see contractors playing the five and ten-year and lifetime workmanship warranty game, understand that it is you that is getting played. A simple, credible 2 year workmanship warranty (the indurtry standard) from a company which distinguishes itself by performing beyond what is promised in print, is worth its weight in gold.

The Product Warranty Game Why are so many thirty-year architect shingles going bad after fifteen to eighteen years? A little known fact about warranties is pro-rating. It can begin after two years. Most companies start at five years. After that time the warranty covers less and less of the entire roof each year. After fifteen years or so, the percentage is miniscule, but enough that you get something back.

Welcome to the magic of planned obsolescence -- Products that never fail to bring repeat business (or should we say always fail?). When a roof fails in fifteen years the greatly diminished warranty goes into effect, and a few bundles of new product are delivered. The customer, grateful to have received something free, then buys enough matching shingles of the same brand to re-roof the house.

Shrewd business. Ten million tons per year of roofing goes into landfills. That's a lot of new product flying off the shelves to replace it.

None of us at Paradigm will ever live to replace any of our lifetime products. New customers keep coming though. If we ever saturate the market, we'll just find something else to do. Something that doesn't last forever. Perhaps Paradigm Pencils, Inc.

Regarding our contracts and our warranties, Paradigm Roofing has one inviolate law: If there are ever any surprises for our customers, they are going to be pleasant ones.