Paradigm Roofing

Lets do the Math

Unfortunately for most people, they look at a roof in terms of what do I spend today?. "A roof is a roof. Give me the best price you can" is a costly mentality. It keeps people in a ten to fifteen year cycle of roof problems. It is like insisting on the cheapest laundry detergent even if clothes never come out looking quite right. Yes, the laundry box says it cleans well, and the shingle wrapper says "thirty years." The small print, or print that never showa up on the wrapper at all, says "pro-rated after first five years." When the thirty year roof is gone after ten to eighteen years, they offer you a few bundles of shingles as your warranty pay-out. This is planned. What are you going to do? You will have to buy matching shingles for the remaining ninty percent of the roof. They just sold you a bad roof knowing that you will buy another bad roof from them. It is assumed that you will be grateful for the "free shingles" you just got.

The most beneficial question to ask is "How much money needs to go into this in order for it to be an investment in my home, rather than throw away money that adds no value and needs to get spent again in a decade or two? Eighty percent of all building maintanence costs are roof related. Billions of dollars get spent on roof related costs nationally each year. Without focusing on the energy savings of our products each year, lets just consider the cost of a pitched (not flat) roof over thirty-five years. Assume you buy a roof for eight thousand dollars and it lasts eighteen years (typical). You replace it for the same cost (unlikely) and then at the thitry-five year mark you decide to sell it. You will likely be told you need to replace it again. your annual cost is $24,000.00 / 35 years = $686 per year. A new SteelROCK roof would cost you around $15.000.00. At the end of the thirty-five years you would still have fifteen years worth of transferrable warranty. Your annual cost is $15,000.00 / 35 years = $429.00 per year. That is 63% of the cost of asphalt shingles, only you spend that 35 years under a beautiful energy-efficient roof with no leaks or hassles along the way.

With an IB Roof Systems (flat) roof the advantage is even greater. Compare to a TPO roof which costs you $8,000.00. Regardless of what the warranty says, (ten year, twenty, lifetime, million year,) you may well have to replace it twice* and at the thirty-five year mark they could make you replace it again. But let's assume they don't and you only have to replace the roof twice in that thirty-five years. It would also annualize at $686.00 per year. A lifetime IB roof would only cost about $10,000.00 and annualize at $286.00 per year, 42% of the cost of a TPO roof. Again, no leaks or hassles along the way. Paradigm can put TPO on and beat everyone else's price. Giving the most value per dollar spent is what we are all about, but a cheap product wonderfully installed? Unless you are inclined to hire professional artists to do mosaics on your driveway by arranging autumn leaves, you don't want a Paradigm Roof done in a cheap product. Money spent on your home should be money invested in your home. If you invest in your roof so as to add value to it, it will be an enduring asset instead of a continual liability.

*Warranties for flat roofs do not guarantee replacement. They only cover stopping the leaks. If that means having someone climb up and slap a little tar on the bad spots, then that is what you get.