Paradigm Roofing


Get Rid of those Old Shakes

There is something wonderful about the look and smell of brand new cedar shakes. After a month or two both begin to deminish. Unfortunately, proper shake work is a lost art. In fact proper shake work is against code. Originally, shakes were always installed over spaced sheeting (usually one-by-sixes that had spaces of about an inch and a half between them. This was done for a good reason. When the shakes got wet, it was ventilation from underneath that would rise and draw the moisture out with them. Then came plywood. Suddenly, shakes would last around twenty years instead of fifty, because they would start curling up and splintering. This was caused by the moisture that could no longer waft out of the wood in a timely manner.

Spaced sheeting is no longer even alowed. That means that shakes that last their optimum life are no longer an option.

That's Okay.

Now Utah has
the Paradigm SteelROCK option, which surpasses anything cedar shakes ever were. (Except for that wonderful fragrance.)

If you are thinking of replacing old shakes with new, we invite you to consider our SteelROCK shingles. Once you have seen them you will never look back.