Paradigm Roofing

The SteelRock Difference

There are other manufacturers of granular coated steel shingles. A couple of significant differences distinguish SteelROCK from the rest.


The process used by all other manufacrurers is called crash molding, where a four foot sheet of steel is pressed between two molds in one move. This holds the steel inplace from end to end and stretches it in the middlewhere the bends are. The difference in length is about one inch after molding. That inch of length comes out of the thickness in various spots where strength is needed most. SteelROCK is the only company that uses a progressive bending process that leaves the overall length and thickness unchanged.  The equipment to do so costs about five times what crash forming costs, but we feel it is worth it. A SteelROCK shingle is strong where strength is needed most -- in the bends.


Not all companies use oil-free stone granules that are uniform in size. SteelROCK does. Oil free makes them less apt to come loose in the future. The uniform size is particularly important, because when looked at under magnification, it can be seen that there is much less sunlight that finds its way between the stones to the bed of emulsion that holds the stone to the steel shingle. That means there is less ultra-violet deterioration taking place in where the rock is adhered to the steel. A small thing, but it can make a big difference over time.