Paradigm Roofing

Best Bargain?

How Much More?

How much more does it cost to go with the best products? The elite products offered by Paradigm Roofing are more expensive. Percentage wise, they cost us much more than they cost you. We pay about eighty percent more for the world's leading flat roofing product. For pitched roofs, we pay three times as much as asphalt shingles cost. Does that mean you pay eighty, and two hundred percent more? No.

The actual cost of materials on any roofing job only ranges from thirty to fifty percent of the total cost, depending on how much work is required. The rest (50-70%) goes for everything else (things like tear-off, labor, overhead, wood sheeting if you need it, etc.) This is simply the cost of getting the roof put on, and represents little if any material value. Since you are going to spend that no matter what, it is in the remaining 30-50% that every penny extra you spend adds actual material value to your roof. The money spent on this small percentage is where the difference in the value of your home is made. Rather than wasting the cost of getting the roof put on by getting something cheap and unexceptional, use the leverage you have on the cost of materials and get as good a roof as you can realistically and wisely afford.

Compared to a standard ten year flat roof, you will likely spend less than 30% more to have a lifetime IB roof which has a material value of nearly twice as much.

You may pay twice as much for a lifetime SteelROCK roof, but from the day it is put on you will have three times the material value on your roof, five times the longevity and an enormously improved curb appeal and resale value.

We can say with all confidence that a Lifetime Paradigm Roof is far and away your least expensive option over time.