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What Good is a Warranty?

Product Warranties How much value does a piece of paper called a warranty have to a customer? None at all. Integrity, not words, is the substance of reliability. It is the company that matters. Consider return policys at stores. Some stores throw obstacles in your path while others take returns with a smile. Warranties actually are drawn up for the benefit and protection of the companies that issue them.

In a perfect worls, a warranty would be a clear look into the future, dependable. The only crystal ball anyone has is past performance. Just look at roofs that are thirty to fifty years old. If, by some miracle, you find one that hasn't been replaced, you are looking at a product that will probably serve you well over the next thirty to fifty. Tese are the products that Paradigm Roofing povides.

 Although the products we promote have the best warranties in the business. things like warranties are nearly invivible to us. We see only the product. If it hasn't earned its way all the way to the top, we're not interested. Neither should you be.

Workmanship Warranties Workmanship has nothing to do with the product. It is all about how the product is but on. If a foor gets you through four seasons without leaking, the roofers must have done something right. The industry standard for a workmanship warranty in Utah is two years. The reasoning is that it will have had every opportnity to leak after that mush time. If it doesn't, any new problems developing after that will likely be a problem with product failure or damage. Neither ould be covered by a wrokmanship warranty. However, reputable contractors take care of their cuastomers long after the required two years. That is simply good business.  See The Warranty Game.