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Everywhere you look you see asphalt shingles. There is more variety to asphalt shingles today than ever before. In a neighborhood of asphalt shingles, the non-asphalt roof distinguishes itself at a glance. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about a Paradigm SteelROCK roof is its attention-getting beauty, but that is only part of the story.

This product is made of steel and rock, both of which are impervious to flames. Large fires will often take houses in their paths because of hot material landing on the asphalt or wooden shake roofs. That never happens with a SteelROCK roof. Wind is equally unable to harm SteelROCK shingles. Their batton fastening system renders them nearly impossible to blow off. Don't be fooled by the 120 mph wind warranty. They are engineered to withstand a minimum of 150 mph.

If you presently have a shake roof, the Paradigm SteelRock system can be applied without tearing the old shakes off.

As tough as they are, SteelROCK steel shingles actually weigh less than asphalt shingles.

SteelROCK on a double batton system provides what is called a cold roof. That means that the heat in your home does not transfer to the snow on your roof and expend itself melting the snow from the bottom up.

By the same token, the heat of the summer sun does not transfer into your home like it does with other products.

SteelROCK is amazingly hail-resistant. A man in Texas, who has had to have his roof replaced five times in the last five years because of hail damage, found his solution when he learned what SteelROCK can do for him.

A SteelROCK roof comes with a lifetime warranty which is transferable up to fifty years. In other words, if you have lived under a SteelROCK roof for thirty-four years and sell the house, you can transfer sixteen years of warranty to the new owner.

With the exception of the less expensive asphalt shingles, almost every other roof product costs as much or more than a SteelROCK roof. None are better.