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Wind Damage? Missing Shingles? Need a repair or reroof  after the recent wind storm? We can help with all your roofing needs.

We can work with your insurance to see that the maximum you pay out is your deductable while recieving the maximum in benefits  Because we are local, we will be here to back up our work in the future.

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Excellence is our motto and thrilled cusomers is our product

Introducing the New and Improved Shingle

Wind resistant    Hail resistant  Fireproof  Lifetime Warranty

Like all roofers, we have access to every type of asphalt shingles, but, with all their variety asphalt shingles are still asphalt shingles, the stuff you see everywhere.

Paradigm Roofing is pleased to introduce SteelROCK shingles to Utah. SteelROCK is the king of granular coated metal shingles, and granular coated metal shingles are the best pitched roof product on Earth.   

To begin with, what could be more fireproof than steel and granite? Large fires will often take houses in their paths because of hot material landing on the asphalt or wooden roofs. That never happens with a SteelROCK roof.

When we first brought SteelROCK roofs to Utah, we began telling people of their remarkable light weight. "They only weigh about twice the weight of asphalt shingles." we would proudly announce. We were quickly corrected by the folks at SteelROCK. It is the other way around. Amazingly, they only weigh a little over half of what many architect asphalt shingles weigh. 

Although they are light weight, because of the batton fastening system they are extremely wind resistant. They warranty for 120 mph winds, but when you see the way they are attached it is hard to imagine a 190 mph gail doing them any damage.

An other advantage is their beauty. They are not just another clever asphalt look, and they are never mistaken for asphalt. They look like shake and tile roofs. only they are so much better.

A SteelROCK roof is cooler in the summer and less cold in the winter.

A SteelROCK roof comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Almost every other roof that is not asphalt costs much more than a SteelROCK roof. None are better.

Paradigm Roofing is also pleased to offer Gerrard Stone-coated steel, with all the same quality and warranty protection of SteelROCK, but in a lower profile panel that offers superior walkability. If you are planning to have asphalt shingles installed, you have got to look at the Paradigm-Gerrard Granite Ridge Shingle. Priced like it is, you won't want the asphalt version after you do.