Paradigm Roofing


Flat Roofs

If you have recent wind damage, call for a free estimate. We can work with your insurance company to see that you  get the maximum benefits available, without paying more than your deductale.

 The flat roof we offer for resedential applications is the best in existence. So is the warranty -- lifetime. How long does one of these lifetime roofs last? No one knows. IB Roof Sytems has been making its CPA membrane for over thirty years now, and it is all still in great shape. If you schedule an appointment with us, we will show you a sample that came off a school after 23 years. It was made thirty years ago. It tests out better than the required spec for brand new roofing mambrane.

If you have a flat roof, don't even consider any other product. Nothing else comes close. Surprisingly, we often find other companies charging as much and more for cheaper products than we charge for a lifetime Paradigm roof.