Paradigm Roofing

What's up with the economy? What does it have to do with your roof?

The Present

What is obvious is that although the Federal Reserve Bank has more than doubled the money supply in the last several months, at present money is tight. What is not obvious is how long it will remain tight.

Have you ever seen a feeding frenzy, when you throw a piece of bread onto water and suddenly the water boils with hundreds of fish desparately trying to get some of it? If you put the word out that you are looking for a new roof, that is what you will get. Although money is tight, you will not benefit from a market where everyone is competing to cut corners and edge everyone else out of the lowest price position.



The Near Future

Roofing suppliers are telling us that stimulus funded government infrastructure projects will take much of the nation's asphalt supply out of the market, forcing the price of shingles and other roofing products to as much as triple within a year.





Totally Unrelated to Roofing


Okay, we know it's just a roofing website, but if you really want to understand what's happening with our economy, this link is a good place to start.