Paradigm Roofing

Are you sure you need a new roof?

You need a new roof if:

*  A leak has been doing damage long enough that the wood underneath is rotted away. This is very common and usually not as serious as it may sound. Although deteriorated plywood is something we see all the time, it is quite rare to see the trusses under the plywood damaged to the point where they need replacing. A few sheets of new 7/16ths inch waferboard is usually all it takes to remedy wood damage.

*  Insulation between layers of roofing is soaked. Once this happens, it usually remains wet until it is removed. This condition can go on for years without any serious results. It becomes a problem when the fasteners rust out and there is little holding the top layer of roofing on. Also there are potential mold concerns. When a roof is sloshing wet between layers it is advisable to remove it.

*  Rather than one spot being the obvious culprit, the entire roof surface looks like it could be leaking anywhere.

*  It is obvious that more leaks are coming soon, that replacing the roof within a year or so is inevitible and that reparing it any more is just wasting money. 

Paradigm and Patching

If we think a repair will do and we later discover that we were wrong and that the roof is wearing out, we deduct the cost of our repair from the price of the new roof.