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Whats Up?

This is the "what's new and interesting" page. We will post new info as it comes along.

What's Happening up on Your Roof?

The better informed we are about your roof, its history and the concerns with it, the better we can asses the best solution for it. This questionaire is provided to so that you can describe the problem and tell us what you would like done.

What's up with the economy, and how does it affect your roof?


The Present

What is obvious is that at present money is tight. What is not obvious is how long it will remain tight.



The Near Future

Roofing suppliers expect that stimulus funded government infrastructure projects will take much of the nation's asphalt supply out of the market, forcing the price of shingles and other roofing products to as much as triple by year’s end.



Your Roof

If your roof has any problems, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Often a roof can be made to last for many more years with a little repair or maintenance. We hope you will decide to use us. Regardless, we feel you should know what is coming. What we charge for our labor a year from now will probably be about what it is today. However, we do recommend that homeowners save money by addressing roof concerns now.



Totally Unrelated to Roofing


Okay, we know it's just a roofing website, but if you really want to understand what's happening with our economy, this link is a good place to start. It might make you rethink the Democrat vs.Republican puppet show.