Paradigm Roofing

Angels in the Details

Do you believe in angels and devils? You know, the guys who sit on people's shoulders, whispering in their ears? You should. They built everything you see, your home, the landscaping around you, everything . They whispered, people were influenced, and attitudes grew. Those attitudes went to work with the people every day. The workmanship remains long after the workers are gone.

Architecture has been described as “frozen music.” The music in the craftsman's heart becomes a material thing. The angels and devils whispering to him take their own shape in whatever he makes, like little stone cherubs which please the eye, or horrid little gargoyles that irritate us every time we think about them. Most of the time we don't notice what others have built, Some craftsmanship earns our appreciation. Some our disgust. If you look you can see the good or evil, laziness or enterprise, resentment or care, selfishness or good will in things. They are actual ingredients that show themselves forever after in every finished product. You don't want cheap pigments in your paint, or poor solidifying agents in your concrete.

The love of excellent detail work is the one ingredient you don't want left out of your roof. The small, and often overlooked, details (pipes, work around chimneys, etc.) are where the big customer grief or satisfaction originates. Excellence here is the focal point of what we do at Paradigm Roofing.