Paradigm Roofing



*We can repair any leak, GUARANTEED, so save your new-roof dollars until you need them.

*We are certified applicators for the world's #1 flat roofing system.

*We carry the most solid, longest warranties in the business.

*Promises are cheap. Track record is everything. Paradigm Roofing's is unsurpassed.

*Paradigm Roofing's responsiveness after the job is done distinguises us from rest of the industry.

Paradigm offers superior workmanship and the industry's best material, which specs out better than any competition in virtually all categories. The warranties are the best in the industry also (25 year non-prorated for flat roofing with no exclusions). Admittedly we are not a right fit for the contractor who must sub out to the cheapest bidders in order to be awarded a project. For owners, or anyone else who will be dealing with the building in the future, the choice of a roof is the single most important decision to be made. That is because nearly eighty percent of building maintenance costs are roof related.

Cutting corners costs.

Doing it right the first time (and making that the last time you ever deal with your roof) pays. 

Getting a Paradigm Perfect roof pays. If you are a property owner or manager, Paradigm is simply the best choice you can make.