Paradigm Roofing



Wind Damage? Missing Shingles? Need a repair or reroof  after the recent wind storm? We can help.

The maximum you should pay is the amount of your insurance deductable, even if you need tarping before the work is done. We can work with your insurance and get you taken care of. Because we are local, we will be here to back up our work in the future. 


Excellence is our motto and thrilled customers is our product.


Paradigm Roofing is the lifetime warranty company. Yes we do plenty of thirty-year shingles when asked, but if we had our way, we would put a lifetime Paradigm roof on everyone’s home. When it comes to flat roofing we almost never put anything less than a lifetime roof on. The money you can save simply doesn’t make it worth it. A leak in a shingle roof may let some water in, but a leak in the right spot on a flat roof can let hundreds of gallons of water in. The best costs a little more. The problems avoided and the peace of mind gained with a lifetime Paradigm roof are worth far more than the money  we could save you putting any other brand of flat roofing product on. Besides, cheaper roofs are more expensive. In fact the reason we offer what we do is this: Over the life of the roof every other option costs a fortune by comparison.